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The category focusing on the “Combustibility and flammability of Chemical Compounds” is an essential area of study within the field of chemical safety and material science. This category delves into the properties that dictate how chemical compounds react when exposed to fire or heat, determining their potential to ignite, burn, or explode. It encompasses a broad spectrum of compounds, from organic substances with high carbon content to inorganic compounds with unique reactive characteristics. Understanding these properties is crucial for assessing risks in industrial settings, storage, handling of hazardous materials, and designing safety protocols to mitigate potential fire hazards. Research and insights in this category not only contribute to enhancing safety standards but also play a pivotal role in the development of new materials with controlled flammability for various applications. By exploring the intricacies of how chemical compounds interact with fire and heat, this category aids in advancing our knowledge on preventing fire-related accidents and improving fire suppression technologies.