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Is Vodka flammable? Does vodka light on fire?

Is vodka flammable

At the end of a stressful day, sipping a glass of vodka can be refreshing. However, have you ever wondered if this special alcoholic drink you’re addicted to can catch fire? In this article, you will discover what vodka is all about and whether it is flammable. What Is Vodka? Vodka is first-class alcohol prepared […]

Is Vinyl Flammable?

Is Vinyl Flammable

Vinyl is a synthetic polymer material that can produce a wide range of flexible, durable products such as flooring and clothing. However, with the recent increase in the popularity of vinyl flooring, there have been concerns raised about the flammability of vinyl flooring. With the increasing number of fires being caused by flammable vinyl, it […]

Is Vaseline Flammable? (does Vaseline burn)

Is Vaseline flammable?

Is Vaseline flammable? Vaseline is a famous brand of petroleum jelly with many uses. As one of the most affordable skin care products available on the market, vaseline has almost magical properties for many people. It can soothe dry skin, protect sensitive areas like the ankles and knees from friction, and even prevent chapping in […]

Is Urine Flammable?

Is Urine Flammable

Is urine flammable? You probably have seen a video where someone starts a fire with his urine, and just in the middle of having your daily urine excretion, you stop to wonder; Is urine flammable? In this article, we’ll learn all about it. Is Urine Flammable? The short answer is No. Urine itself is not […]

Is Tar Flammable?

Is Tar Flammable

Tar is a dense, tacky fluid that usually emerges as one of the by-products of crude materials such as coal, wood, and peat, in a process known as the “destructive distillation.” However, is tar flammable, and are we putting our homes and roads at risk of fire by using tar itself or tar products? We […]

Is Toothpaste flammable? Let’s find out.

Is Toothpaste flammable

We all know what regular toothpaste does for us, and there are others, like the elephant toothpaste, which we use for our little science experiments. But have you ever wondered what other substances your toothpaste contains besides the common fluoride? Does any of these substances make your toothpaste flammable? In this article, we want to […]

Is titanium flammable? (Does titanium burn?)

Is titanium dioxide flammable

Is titanium flammable? While titanium may be the ninth most abundant element on earth and is used to produce many things, you can’t help but wonder; is titanium flammable? We’ll know all about it and more in this article. Is titanium flammable? Titanium is highly flammable, especially when dry. In fact, it is combustible and […]

Is Super Glue Flammable?

Is Super Glue Flammable

Super glue is a popular adhesive used in almost all works of life, such that hardly will you storm into any supermarket out there without spotting a super glue. However, is super glue indeed safe to use and not flammable? Let’s discover! What Is Super Glue? Now, let’s inspect what super glue is all about. […]

Is sugar flammable? (Is it easy for sugar to fire?)

Is sugar flammable?

Overhead view of the ingredients to make a “queimada”, a typical drink from Galicia (northern Spain). It is made with brandy, sugar, lemon peel, coffee beans and cinnamon and an incantation must be pronounced beforehand When you eat the right amount, sugar is quite safe to consume. For that reason, we often neglect other aspects […]

Is styrofoam flammable (Everything you want to know)

Is styrofoam flammable

Restaurants that sell fast foods and some industries that manufacture food items use styrofoam containers to package their products. However, nowadays, styrofoam coffee cups and food jars aren’t that common in use mainly because styrofoam is not environmentally friendly and it might be a potential fire hazard, who knows? So, in this article, we will […]