Is Fabuloso Flammable?

Is Fabuloso Flammable

We all know Fabuloso is an important cleaning agent. But like every material in the house there are necessary precautions that needs to be taken to ensure the safety of everyone.

One important precaution is to know which household item is flammable and non-flammable. That’s why in this article, we will let you know whether fabuloso is a flammable material.

Is Fabuloso Flammable?

Is Fabuloso Flammable?
Is Fabuloso Flammable?

Yes. Fabuloso is a flammable cleaning spray that could be ignited when close to an open fire or spark. At a normal room temperature, if there is no fire or spark source, there is no chance of fabuloso getting ignited.

However, if there is any fire source, excessive heat or spark source, the temperature reaches the flash point and could lead to an explosion.

Fabuloso is a cleaning agent known to contain combustible materials. If it isn’t handled properly from a light source, it could be triggered and can lead to a fire outbreak. Fabuloso is very similar to antiseptic cleaning and germ-fighting products, which are usually flammable.

Is Fabuloso Flammable?
Is Fabuloso Flammable?

Fabuloso is a popular cleaning agent and can be purchased effortlessly in local stores. Someone can even order it online. You need to know what fabuloso is, its flash point, why it is flammable, the benefits of using it and what we use it for.

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This will make it promising to infer many facts about fabuloso handily and how it is overseen if possessed, to thwart misplacements or improper use that can escalate into an explosion.

What is Fabuloso?

Is Fabuloso Flammable?
Is Fabuloso Flammable?

Fabuloso is the commercial name for a cleaning product produced by Colgate-Palmolive. The company is recognised for producing several cleaning products, mouthwash, toothpaste and so on. The company spearheads the production of fabuloso with authentic ingredients that make it one of the best cleaning sprays you can splash your money on.

Fabuloso was first produced in 1963, but has experienced several reformulations to mitigate its hazardous use and improve its effectiveness. The newer version of fabuloso is said to be safer than the old ones because of its reformulation and improvement. The current ingredients used in producing fabuloso are Sodium carbonate, tripolyphosphate sodium, alkyl sulfonates and ammonium chloride.

What is the flash point of Fabuloso, and why is it Flammable?

Is Fabuloso Flammable?
Is Fabuloso Flammable?

The temperature at which heat, fire, or spark can ignite a flammable liquid is known as the flash point. It is measured as a boiling point, which is 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, most flammable substances could be triggered if it gets to the flash point.

According to the manufacturers in a material safety data sheet, fabuloso has a 200 degrees Fahrenheit flash point. This means fabuloso could be ignited by itself if it gets close to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, it is advisable to keep flammable things away from the cleaning agent to avoid explosions or even fire outbreaks.

Is Fabuloso Flammable?
Is Fabuloso Flammable?

Fabuloso is flammable if there is any fire or spark source and excessive heat where it is stored. When the temperature reaches the flashpoint it could lead to an explosion. It is better to store fabuloso at a normal room temperature and where fire, sparks or excessive heat won’t trigger it.

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Previous versions of fabuloso are extremely flammable because they contain combustible materials as the ingredient. The manufacturers have noticed this plight, and the product has undergone several modifications by changing some ingredients that cause its flammability. This makes the present version less flammable.

What are the benefits of Fabuloso and what is it used for?

Is Fabuloso Flammable?
Is Fabuloso Flammable?

Fabuloso is used for essential cleaning on any surface. We can use it at home or in any public place. The following are benefits of using fabuloso:

1) Environmentally Friendly:

When you use fabuloso for basic cleaning, it doesn’t have any negative effect on the environment. It does not contain toxic chemicals that can be injurious to the environment. When you use it, there is no need to worry about any effect of its chemical on the environment.

2) Mild on All Surfaces.

We can use not all cleaning agents on all surfaces. For instance, some are for tiled surfaces, while you can’t use others on wooden or plastic surfaces, but fabuloso can clean any surface.

You can use Fabuloso to clean furniture, ovens, countertops, carpets, walls and carpets among others without any chemical effect on these surfaces.

3) Produces Fabulous Results;

Fabuloso is made with authentic ingredients which makes it highly effective for any cleaning job. When used, it cleans the surface excellently and yields fabulous results.


If you work at any cleaning company, factory, or medical centre, or you use fabuloso for basic home cleaning, it is better to avoid sparks or heat where the cleaning agent is kept. Since it is flammable to avoid fire outbreak accidents.

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What captivates you the most about fabuloso? Have you used it for any basic cleaning? If yes, how did it go? Was it fabulous? Have you seen it react to fire before? You can comment below to share your insights.

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