Samantha Glass Arrest Charges DUI Suspension And Trial

Samantha Glass Arrest Charges DUI Suspension And Trial

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Who is Smantha Glass?

Samantha Glass, a resident of Gilbert, gained widespread media attention after her arrest on March 9, 2018. The incident was captured in a YouTube video uploaded by the Police Activity channel, which has amassed over 1.5 million views.

The video sparked significant public interest, with both supporters and critics expressing their opinions about Glass’ actions.

Moreover, there is a great demand for more information regarding the specifics of her arrest case. Hence, this article aims to provide a comprehensive overview based on available sources.

Samantha Glass Arrest Charges DUI Suspension and Trial

Samantha Glass frequently finds herself in the spotlight due to her arrest, and online users are eager to learn about the charges she faced. In March 2018, neighbors contacted the police to report a woman attempting to break into a red truck at the apartment complex located at 230 East Civic Center Drive.

Officer Christopher Robinson from the Gilbert Police Department arrived at the scene and discovered an intoxicated Glass sitting on the ground outside her ex-husband’s apartment.

Bodycam footage revealed that Glass claimed to be waiting for her ex-boyfriend, believing he would assist her with a flat tire.

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According to reports, Glass visited the apartment building to discuss matters concerning their daughter and encountered her ex-husband in the parking lot. An argument ensued, and Glass’s ex-husband left with their child. Unable to access his truck, Glass accidentally triggered the alarm, leading her to decide to wait inside his apartment. However, neighbors had already contacted 911, reporting her alleged attempt to break into the vehicle.

Consequently, Glass was arrested on suspicion of extreme DUI and failure to comply with a police officer’s orders. It’s worth mentioning that she was never charged with vehicle burglary.

Legal Battle and Details aboout Samantha Glass’s Suspension and Trial

Samantha Glass was arrested in 2018 on charges of extreme DUI and failure to comply with a police officer. Her blood alcohol content was recorded at .199, which is more than twice the legal limit.

She admitted to consuming alcohol at work that night before driving to her ex-husband’s residence. Court records indicate that Glass was found guilty of both misdemeanor charges in May 2018 and still owed $3,000 to the court.

Reportedly, Glass suffered a mild traumatic brain injury during the arrest, resulting in facial pain, headaches, and other ongoing issues. The arrest video can be easily found online.

Subsequently, Glass filed a federal complaint against Officer Christopher Robinson of the Gilbert Police Department, alleging excessive force during her arrest that caused her brain damage.

According to the complaint, Officer Robinson used unnecessary and unreasonable force by forcefully throwing Glass to the ground while investigating the alleged vehicle burglary. This incident led to Glass sustaining a mild traumatic brain injury. Her attorney, J. Scott Halverson, claims she continues to experience short-term memory problems, facial pain, and severe daily headaches.

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For further updates on Glass’s case, you can find detailed information on the official website of Case Text, covering all aspects in depth.

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