How Hot Are Takis?

How Hot Are Takis

How hot are takis? If you’re a fan of snacks, then you might have probably come across Takis. But you know, Takis is not your regular kind of sugary or salty snack, and the fact that it contains a peppery flavor makes it more unique. So today, we will take a quick look at Takis, explore some of its numerous flavors as well as provide ideal answers to this popular question.

What You Should Know About Takis

How Hot Are Takis
How Hot Are Takis

Even if you don’t fancy hot and spicy foods, grabbing a bite of Takis can change your mind. Taki, collectively known as Takis, is a popular brand of rolled tortilla chips prepared with corn.

Takis usually have a hot taste and crunchy feel when eaten. And as a matter of fact, Takis snacks are well known because of their hot flavor.

Moreover, there is a variety of Takis chip flavors. You can easily get the spicy, delectable taste you want from any of the Takis flavors.

Plus, these flavors will always keep your taste buds begging for more. Some Takis flavors include the famous Takis Fuego, Crunchy Fajitas, Nitro, Blue Takis, and many more.

Now, the question is, how hot is Takis? And by the way, does the heat content of Takis makes it a bad snack choice? Let’s find out.

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How Hot Are Takis?

How Hot Are Takis
How Hot Are Takis

Being an extremely spicy food, Takis snack has raised a lot of concerns amongst its consumers. At least, Takis eaters wanted to be sure if they weren’t making an overly hot food as their favorite.

Of course, who won’t be worried about the kind of food he/she takes in? We are pretty sure you are also here to discover the truth about Takis’ heat content, but first, what do you know about hot foods?

Hot foods are tasty foods with high capsaicin (chili pepper) content. Thus, any food spiced up with large amounts of chili is considered hot.

Luckily, Takis happens to fall in the hot foods category. Now, back to how hot Takis are…

Takis’s degree of hotness is measured using the Scoville test—a special test for determining the heat content of chili pepper or chili-flavored foods. In 1912, the Scoville test was introduced by an American Pharmacist named Wilbur Scoville.

Since then, the test has been set aside for measuring the capsaicin or chilly pepper content of food in Scoville Heat Units (SHUs). Typically, the capsaicin content of Takis always falls within the range of 8,000 SHUs to 11,000 SHUs.

Thus, the relative degree of hotness or spiciness of a Takis snack (of any flavor) can not exceed or lags behind the above range.

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Which Takis Flavour Is The Hottest?

How Hot Are Takis
How Hot Are Takis

All Takis flavors are hot, however, the level of hotness in each Takis flavor depends on the quantity of chili pepper (capsaicin) it contains. Therefore, we had to consider some factors and criteria before concluding on the hottest Takis flavor.

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In short, we are going for Takis Fuego! Takis Fuego is the hottest flavor of Takis snack so far. 

Moreso, Takis Fuego is a blend of lime juice flavor and hot chilies. Takis Fuego also has a unique package bag (purple pack) which is different from all other Takis flavors.

The degree of hotness (spiciness) of Takis Fuego usually falls between the range of 10,500 SHUs and 11,000 SHUs.

Which Takis Flavour Is The Least Hot?

How Hot Are Takis
How Hot Are Takis

Based on the Scoville test analysis, Takis smokin’ was discovered to be the least hot flavor of Takis. Takis smokin’ is a mixture of lime fruit flavor and smoked Jalapeño pepper in lesser quantities when compared to Takis Fuego.

Aside from Takis smokin’, the Takis Brand Broccoli and Takis flare flavor contains lesser quantities of capsaicin. Owing to this, these two flavors are also less hot.

Is Blue Takis Hot?

How Hot Are Takis
How Hot Are Takis

Yes, blue Takis are hot. More importantly, the blue Takis flavor contains around 8,000 SHUs to 9,000 SHUs of Jalapeño pepper.

This simply means blue Takis is indeed spicy, but less spicy when compared to Takis Fuego.

Is Takis Nitro Hot?

How Hot Are Takis
How Hot Are Takis

A big yes! Takis Nitro is one of the hottest flavors of Takis known.

However, whichever way you slice it, the pepper content of Takis Fuego will always humble all other Takis flavors including Takis Nitro.

Can A Pregnant Woman Eat Takis?

Takis is not dangerous like benzene, and when consumed in minimal quantities, pregnant women are safe with Takis snacks. This is because spicy foods in minor amounts have no power to hurt the developing fetus.

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But keep in mind that repeated consumption of spicy foods like Takis can upset the amniotic fluid balance in a pregnant woman’s stomach. And with time, Takis can alter the flavor of the amniotic fluid thereby affecting the unborn child.

Can Takis Hurt Your Stomach?

Takis do not have visible side effects. There are no pieces of evidence that show Takis can damage one’s stomach, no matter how hot it is. But when consumed in large quantities repeatedly, Takis can upset and irritate the stomach.

Nevertheless, Takis cannot alter the stomach’s acid balance. So, the short answer is no, Takis can not hurt your stomach.

However, to ensure your kids’ maximum safety, reduce the amount of Takis snacks they eat.

Is Takis Vegan-Friendly?

Almost all Takis flavors are prepared to suit vegans’ tastes. That is, a larger percentage of Takis flavors are not made from animal products such as eggs milk, etc, or animal ingredients.

Thus, vegans who love spicy foods can eat Takis snacks without having to worry about the snack affecting their health.

Nevertheless, note that other Takis flavors aren’t vegan-friendly. Below are some examples of these non-vegan Takis flavors

Final Recommendations.

Takis are hot, pepper-rich snacks. Moreover, the capsaicin level or the degree of hotness of Takis can be easily tested using the Scoville method.

This guide features everything you need to know about Takis including its flavors, its hottest flavor, its least hot flavor, and other necessary details. Lastly, you can visit here to read more about spicy snacks.

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