[Q&A] Is Air Freshener Flammable or Explosive?

Is Air Freshener Flammable

Many of us have utilized air fresheners in our homes, offices, and vehicles to maintain a pleasant scent. Similar to how a candle adds ambiance and fragrance, air fresheners offer a quick and effective solution to odor issues. However, concerns arise regarding whether air fresheners are flammable and pose serious fire hazards, much like wax products used in our living spaces. This article aims to explore the flammability of air fresheners in depth. Keep reading with us to get the answer of is air freshener flammable“.

So, is Air Freshener Flammable?

Is Air Freshener Flammable
Is Air Freshener Flammable

Yes. Air fresheners can be flammable if exposed to heat or naked fire. This is because most air fresheners are produced with highly flammable ingredients, like aerosol and propellants.

Although not all air fresheners are flammable, some are very much flammable and can irritate the throat, eyes, and skin. These air fresheners are flammable depending on the chemicals used to produce them and how they are supplied.

Most of these chemicals release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air, which harm human health. VOC is a toxic vapor or gas usually released in the air when these air fresheners are used. It is organic and contains high vapor pressure. Also, it can attack the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Is Air Freshener Flammable
Is Air Freshener Flammable

Air freshening chemicals may not on their own be flammable, but when used with propellants, they become very combustible. For instance, a spray air freshener will probably catch fire when exposed to naked fire or heat.

Air fresheners are quite popular and are used to ward off unpleasant smells. But regardless of their popularity, these products raise concerns as they increase indoor air pollution and pose health risks. Watch this video to know if air fresheners are safe.

The  Bureau European des Unions De Consommateurs in 2005 published a comparative study about home fragrances, noting that they produce harmful toxins that attack the nervous system after use.

Some flammable/hazardous ingredients in Air Fresheners include Aerosol, propellants toluene, styrene, ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, limonene, p-dichlorobenzene, artificial musk, phthalates, glycol ethers, and petroleum distillates.

Can Air Freshener Explode?

Is Air Freshener Flammable
Is Air Freshener Flammable

The simple answer is yes. Air fresheners can explode. There have been reported cases of car explosions, with the cause being linked to an air freshener.

When you spray excessive air fresheners, especially in a car, it makes your car’s cabin similar to a gas chamber. An explosion is bound to happen if this comes in contact with naked fire.

Although there are rare cases of these explosions, this doesn’t change the fact that air fresheners can explode.

Most of the explosions reported resulted from smoking by the driver. So if a driver or anybody in the car lights a cigarette when the windows of the solid vehicle are closed, there is a possibility of an explosion.

Is Air Freshener Flammable
Is Air Freshener Flammable

There are different brands and different air fresheners. So you cannot be too careful. However, it is essential to check the ingredients in any brand you buy while also ensuring that you use the air freshener cautiously.

You should also know that the can of air freshener is flammable because they are aerosol spray cans. The most dangerous are the ones that are pressurized canisters.

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Is Febreze air Freshener flammable?

Is Air Freshener Flammable
Is Air Freshener Flammable

Febreze air fresheners are not flammable. In fact, they are said to be one of the safest air freshener brands. This is because they do not contain chemicals that can explode when exposed to a naked flame.

Since they are not formulated with flammable substances, they are safe and can be used anywhere. Some of these substances include natural nitrogen propellants. Though nitrogen, when separated, can be flammable, it works as a non-flammable propellant in Febreze air freshener.

However, it is very important not to store it close to an open flame. Febreze is also very suitable for your home, office, car, etc., so if you are looking for a safe air freshener, Febreze air freshener will be a brilliant choice.

Can Air Fresheners catch fire?

Is Air Freshener Flammable
Is Air Freshener Flammable

An air freshener on its own is not combustible but can catch fire when exposed to heat or naked flame. There have been various cases of fire outbreaks that started because of air fresheners. Plug-in air fresheners are usually the most reported air fresheners that catch fire.

This is because most people leave their plug-in air fresheners to stay plugged for a long time, leading to overheating and a fire outbreak.

In 2007, a case was reported of a fire outbreak in a home in the USA. Upon investigation, it was discovered that a plug-in air freshener overheated, and this led to a fire outbreak. In 2009, a similar case was also reported.

People are advised not to leave their plug-in air fresheners to avoid overheating. If you use a plug-in air freshener, unplug it before leaving home.

Final Recommendations.

It is quite difficult to handle unpleasant odors, so air fresheners are very important. Air fresheners are very useful, but they can also be flammable, which makes them dangerous and can cause fire hazards.

Suppose you have an air freshener and want to limit the dangers of a fire outbreak. There are certain steps you should take. Here are some ways to limit the dangers of an explosion or fire from your air freshener;

  • It is advisable to use gel-based air fresheners instead of can-based ones. Gel-based air fresheners have a lower tendency to cause an explosion or a fire outbreak.
  • Always ensure your car windows are open and the air conditioner is on. This is very important, especially for people who smoke in their cars.
  • Ensure you do not put on a cigarette when your air conditioner is turned off, the windows are closed, or when you are driving to lower the risk of an explosion.
  • If you are using a plug-in air freshener at home, make sure it is not left to overheat or, better still, you can unplug it before leaving your house or office to avoid a fire outbreak.

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