Is Glitter Flammable? (Does It Catch Fire?)

Is glitter flammable

You might have probably heard of the popular saying, “all that glitters are not gold,” glitters are not gold indeed, but they shine and sparkle like one.

Is Glitter Flammable?
Is Glitter Flammable?

Glitters are those colorful, shiny, and minute pieces of metals we used to decorate our homes or birthday parties to make them look spectacular. But, is glitter flammable, and can you put your domicile at a fire risk for the sake of embellishing them with glitters?

We shall find out soon!

Glitter: What Does It Mean?

Is Glitter Flammable?
Is Glitter Flammable?

There’s no particular definition attached to glitters, however, you can describe them as a collection of tiny plastic pieces that glimmers and beautify an environment. Glitters are prepared from minute fractions of a special plastic known as PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate).

Moreover, glitters can be produced by gathering little pieces of glass, aluminum metal, or any other shiny alloy together. PET plastic in the most common form of glitters has been discovered to be toxic to humans’ health, besides not being environmentally friendly.

This effect of PET has raised a lot of concerns amongst plastic users to the extent that people now think twice before they purchase or make glitters. Meanwhile, glitter users are also uncertain whether this assortment of sparkling metals is a fire risk.

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Anyway, we will take a quick peek at glitters’ flammability nature in the subsequent section.

Is Glitter Flammable?

Yes, glitter is flammable, although it depends on its particle size and the nature of the materials it is made of. Some forms of glitters catch flames easily, usually those with relatively small particle sizes and a corresponding increase in surface area.

Typically, some glitters (especially the ones made from PET, paper, or any flammable gazing) catch fire at any temperature around 212°F. Under normal circumstances, Polyethylene Terephthalate plastic and aluminum are both non-flammable.

However, it’s a different case for their glitters version. This is because ordinary PET plastic and aluminum metal are made up of large particles.

Large particles usually have a small surface area exposed to air and, because of this, they will not flame up easily. Glitters are made up of tiny fractions of PET plastics or aluminum.

Meanwhile, small particles always have a larger surface area exposed to air. Thus, they react easily with air such that when they are exposed to naked flames in this condition, they will ignite.

In summary, glitter is flammable and can even become explosive in the right conditions. So, make sure you stay away from any ignition source while handling glitters.

Is Edible Glitter Flammable?

Is Glitter Flammable?
Is Glitter Flammable?

Edible glitter is the non-poisonous, palatable form of glitter we eat. This type of glitter is prepared from first-class ingredients such as cornstarch, granulated sugar, maltodextrin, gum arabic, and some special color additives.

So here, the worry sets in… Is edible glitter flammable? And by the way, can you bake a cake with it in an oven at high temperatures while being assured your kitchen won’t turn into a fire panorama?

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Well, the short answer is no, edible glitter is not flammable and you can confidently cook with it. This is because edible glitter is not made from flammable substances, unlike paper and plastic glitters.

And even though the sugar in edible glitter can pose some sort of explosion danger sometimes, few traces of edible glitter on the kitchen floor are still nothing to ponder about.

Is Biodegradable Glitter Flammable?

Is Glitter Flammable?
Is Glitter Flammable?

Unlike PET plastic, aluminum, and paper glitter, biodegradable glitter is not flammable. Plus, biodegradable glitter which you can also call bio-glitter is environmentally friendly and non-toxic when compared to other types of glitter.

Biodegradable glitter is prepared from vegetable extract, and this is the major justification behind its non-flammability quality.

What About Craft Glitter?

Is Glitter Flammable?
Is Glitter Flammable?

There are several types of glitters out there that can be used in the making of one craft plan or the other. Ranging from polyester glitter, PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) glitter, Crushed crystal (glass) glitter, and paper glitter to bio-glitter, you can use different glitter to make beautiful craftwork.

More importantly, craft glitter is easy to work with and a larger percentage of them is not flammable. Except for PVC glitter and paper glitter, which is flammable, other forms of craft glitter are non-flammable just like butter.

Can You Heat Glitter?

Is Glitter Flammable?
Is Glitter Flammable?

Sure, you can heat glitter, most especially craft glitters. You can heat craft glitter to a maximum temperature of about 280°F.

However, the polyester craft glitter is more heat-resistant and can be heated up to 350°F. Note that cosmetics glitter (plastic+aluminium) can not withstand any temperature higher than 225°F.

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Is It Safe To Add Glitter To Candle Wax?

Is Glitter Flammable?
Is Glitter Flammable?

Naturally, the addition of impurities (usually flammable materials) can alter the behavior of a candle flame. Therefore candle wax burns more violently when you add flammable materials like paper glitter to it.

A burning candle wax that contains flammable glitter can become a fire hazard. However, note that adding crushed glass glitter and biodegradable glitter, which are non-flammable to candle wax, is not a fire risk.

But to be on the safer side, it is better not to prepare candle wax with glitter, especially when you don’t know the kind of glitter you’re dealing with.

Is It Safe To Put Glitter In Makeup?

Is Glitter Flammable?
Is Glitter Flammable?

Yes, it is entirely safe to put glitter in makeup. This kind of glitter makeup is also skin-friendly.

Although some glitters are shaped with sharp edges, these edges meant no harm to your skin. Thus, even if this sharp-edged glitter is used in makeup, it’s safe to use.

Final Recommendations.

Some types of glitters are flammable, while some are not. This guide spotlights all you need to know about glitter, why some glitter is flammable, and why some are flammable.

Hence, you need to be extra careful with the glitter you use. Also, make sure you keep glitter away from open furnaces, sparks, and other sources of ignition.

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