Is Goo Gone Flammable? Is it a fire hazard?

Is Goo Gone Flammable

Goo Gone is one of the best brands and the most commonly used sticker-remover out there. It dissolves almost all forms of gummy substances or materials.

Whenever your garments become stained with grease, thick adhesives like glue, chewing gum, or even the tree sap in the forest, just think of Goo Gone.

Now, let’s analyze Goo Gone, find out what it is all about, as well as provide valid answers to the big question, “is Goo Gone flammable?”

What You Should Know About Goo Gone

Is Goo Gone Flammable?
Is Goo Gone Flammable?

Goo Gone is a special dissolving substance or solvent that works for all the common sticky issues we might have. And unlike most grease-eraser solvents, Goo Gone does not contain petrol and its smell does not choke.

Instead, Goo Gone, which is popularly known as “Goo Gone Xtreme remover” is prepared from an orange (citrus) extract. This orange extract gives Goo Gone a pleasant fragrance, and it also accounts for its strong cleansing power.

Goo Gone can dissolve and erase gooey substances such as tar, wet paint, blood, oil, tree sap, ink, lipstick, tape residue, asphalt, duct tape, glue, mascara, etc. Goo Gone can also eliminate any stains induced by soap, all forms of grease, shoe polish, scum, and many more.

However, is this effective stain remover (Goo Gone) flammable and will it catch fire at any temperature? Let’s discover!

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Is Goo Gone Flammable?

Is Goo Gone Flammable?
Is Goo Gone Flammable?

Under normal conditions, Goo Gone is stable and will not catch flames, but that does not mean it is a non-flammable substance. At extremely high temperatures, Goo Gone gives off flammable vapors and ignites easily even at room temperature.

Anytime you see the inscription “flammable” on the label of a product you’re about to buy, just know it’s a red flag. But unfortunately, you might not see this kind of inscription on the labels of the Goo Gone liquid you buy online or in supermarkets.

Of course, who would buy it after seeing it’s a potential fire hazard? But humans will always be curious, you know, and that’s why you are here.

So, now that you know Goo Gone can pose a fire risk, fret not. You can still use this substance to solve your sticky problems, however, don’t mess around it with any ignition source.

Goo Gone is a colorless (sometimes white), flammable substance that belongs to the flammability class 3. Goo Gone has a flash point of about -4°F and it auto-ignites at 792°F.

Is Goo Gone A Fire Risk?

Is Goo Gone Flammable?
Is Goo Gone Flammable?

Any substance that can flame up is a potential fire risk. Since Goo Gone does just that, then it’s a fire risk and, in fact, it can also be an explosion risk.

Both the liquid and vaporized form of Goo Gone can start a fire in the right conditions. Meanwhile, when the burning of Goo Gone persists, the substance continues to break down and, with time, it can explode.

Thus, it is best to keep Goo Gone away from any likely sources of fire.

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Are Goo Gone Fumes Toxic?

Is Goo Gone Flammable?
Is Goo Gone Flammable?

Yes, Goo Gone burns to release toxic fumes. A burning Goo Gone fire gives off toxic dust, choking fumes, and dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide, etc.

These toxic gases, when inhaled, can be a driving force for some serious health conditions. We will find out what these health conditions comprise soon.

Side Effects Of Goo Gone.

Is Goo Gone Flammable?
Is Goo Gone Flammable?

Prolonged exposure to Goo Gone or Goo Gone fumes can come with a lot more health hazards. Down here are some symptoms that show a person has been poisoned with Goo Gone.

Let’s explore:

  • Irritation of the skin, eyes, nose, and throat.
  • Dizziness and muscle fatigue.
  • Dilated pupils.
  • Confusion.
  • Headaches.
  • Drowsiness.
  • Loss of consciousness.
  • Lethargy.
  • Vomiting.
  • Stomach pain.
  • Insomnia.
  • Dermatitis.
  • Lacrimation, and many more.

Where You Should Not Use Goo Gone

Is Goo Gone Flammable?
Is Goo Gone Flammable?

Even though Goo Gone is a perfect remover for almost as many sticky stains, still, some materials forbid it. Goo Gone should not be applied to materials such as drywall, suede, silk, leather, faux stainless steel, unfinished wood surfaces, etc.

How To Extinguish Goo Gone Fire.

Unlike some fires prompted by flammable substances like paints, Goo Gone fire is picky for the firefighting substances you can apply to it. Some firefighting substances will only aggravate the Goo Gone fire, while some will have no visible effect on it.

But notwithstanding, our list below contains the most suitable fire-fighting substances for the Goo Gone fire. Check them out:

  • Water spray.
  • Dry chemicals.
  • Carbon dioxide.
  • Halon (organohalogen compounds).
  • Foam, etc.

Before applying any of the above substances to a Goo Gone fire. Some necessary fire-fighting precautions need to be observed.

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Let’s take a quick look at some of these precautions:

  • Block all sources of sparks and electricity at the fire scene.
  • Everyone present at the fire scene should wear eye protection goggles.
  • Firefighters should wear protective clothing and put on a special breathing device (oxygen source) before entering the fire scene.
  • Move out sensitive containers (e.g., gas containers or petrol cylinders) from the fire area.

How To Store Goo Gone.

If you store your Goo Gone sticker removed appropriately, you won’t have to worry about it catching fire or not. This is because Goo Gone only ignites at high temperatures.

Anyway, below are some effective tips you can observe to store Goo Gone in your home. Let’s have a peek:

  • Make sure you store Goo Gone in a labeled and tightly sealed container.
  • Store Goo Gone containers in a well-ventilated environment (a cool, dry place).
  • Keep Goo Gone away from all sources of heat such as direct sunlight, sparks, open blaze, etc.
  • Ensure you store Goo Gone in the different compartments with other flammable substances like tar or alcohol you might have at home.

Final Recommendations.

Goo Gone is safe to use at low temperatures. However, at extremely high temperatures, Goo Gone becomes flammable and, hence, a fire risk.

We believe this guide has featured everything you need to know about Goo Gone, its uses, and flammability. You can also visit here to check the safety data sheet for Goo Gone and pick up some points.

Lastly, we wish you a fire-free encounter!

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