Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable?

Is kitty cat litter flammable? Kitty or cats are beautiful furry companions you can keep as pets.

Whether you’ve owned a kitty for a while now or you’ve just bought a young kitty, eventually, you’ll come across kitty litter.

Let’s take a deep look at what kitty litter is all about, discover whether kitty litter is flammable, and discuss other necessary information.

Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable?

Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable
Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable

Kitty litter can both be flammable and non-flammable, depending on the primary ingredients it contains. For example, biodegradable cat litter is flammable because the materials (wood chips, wheat, or paper) it is made of catch flames.

However, biodegradable kitty litter does not combust spontaneously. So, if you handle it properly, it might not pose a fire risk.

They can also make biodegradable kitty litter from grass, pine, walnut shell, corn, and many more. On the other hand, kitty litters prepared from clay will not burn at any temperature. And this qualifies them as non-flammable cat litter.

Types Of Kitty Litter.

Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable
Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable

Kitty litter is a mixture of grains, sands, and wood shavings that creates a soiling spot for cats and makes it easier for cat owners to cleanse their cat’s litter box. Typically, kitty litter absorbs moisture and the unpleasant smell from the kitty litter box.

Moreso, there are several types of kitty litter depending on their appearance and what they are made of. Below are some types of kitty litter we’ve garnered so far. Check them out:

  • Clumping Clay Kitty Litter.
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Clumping clay kitty litter is a mixture of traditional clay and bentonite clay. They are easy to scoop if you want to get rid of kitty’s droppings and urine.

This type of kitty litter is not expensive to maintain, and they don’t smell that bad.

  • Biodegradable Kitty Litter
Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable
Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable

Biodegradable kitty litter is environmentally friendly. They are of two types namely, pellet litter and granular litter.

The pelleted litter absorbs liquids well and breaks them down into a disposable form. Granular litter is made from barley, wheat, corn, or pine.

  • Silica Gel Kitty Litter
Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable
Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable

Silica gel kitty litter is a lightweight crystal litter that soaks up liquid (e.g., urine) perfectly. However, this type of litter needs to be scooped regularly, if not every day.

  • Traditional Clay Kitty Litter.
Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable
Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable

Traditional clay litter is the oldest type of kitty litter. This litter looks exactly like sand and clumps whenever it absorbs moisture.

Unlike other types of kitty litter, traditional clay kitty litter is affordable.

Which Forms Of Kitty Litter Are Non-Flammable?

Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable
Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable

Kitty litters made from clumping and non-clumping clays are non-flammable.

This is because clay naturally opposes ignition. However, if ingredients like wood chips, wheat, or paper are introduced into either clumping or non-clumping clay litters, they might catch flame to some extent.

Silica crystal kitty litter is also non-flammable.

This litter is made from silica gel which is non-reactive and will not catch flames under any condition. Plus, silica crystal kitty litter contains some traces of clay.

In short, silica crystal kitty litter is the most flame-resistant litter, with a rating of 50% non-flammability. The clay-based cat litters are 45% non-flammable while biodegradable litters are just 5% flame-resistant.

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Is Litter Box A Fire Risk?

Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable
Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable

First, let’s find out what a litter box entails. A litter box, popularly known as a “sandbox” or “clay box” is a small container for storing the feces and urines of pets. Asides from kitties, this box can be used to collect the droppings of all kinds of pets.

If you’re a multiple pet owner, let’s say you keep a dog and a cat. You can label your pet’s litter box as “pup litter box” and “kitty litter box” to differentiate between them. Moreover, kitty litter is made from natural ingredients like clay or artificial ingredients like silica-based ingredients and papers.

These litter ingredients usually attract cats to jump in the litter box. Meanwhile, kitties can successfully find warmth, hide their feces and conceal their scent in the litter box.

A litter box’s flammability depends on the materials it is made from. Note that only a flammable litter box can pose a fire outbreak. Ceramic litter boxes are non-flammable, however, they can burn when you expose them to high heat.

Furthermore, litter boxes made from cardboard, plastic, or wood shavings will catch flames readily at any temperature. You can put your home at a fire risk if you handle this type of litter box with levity.

However, to ensure ultimate safety with litter boxes in your homes, consider using silica gel or clay-based litter boxes as they are not flammable.

Likewise, you can be safe from a fire hazard with other litter boxes, provided you keep them away from a burning candle, heating vent, fireplace, and other ignition sources.

Is Tidy Cat Clay Litters Flammable?

Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable
Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable

Tidy cat clay litter comes in two different forms: the clay-based Tidy Cat litter, and the biodegradable Tidy Cat litter. The biodegradable form is flammable, while the clay-based form is not flammable.

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Clays don’t catch fire, which is why clay-based litters are not flammable. However, you need to be extra cautious when using biodegradable Tidy Cat litter to avoid a potential fire. Always keep this form of litter away from any open blaze sources.

Is Arm And Hammer Kitty Litter Flammable?

Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable
Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable

Arm and Hammer Kitty litters are clay-based litters. They are made from a special clay known as “bentonite clay” and this type of clay doesn’t burn. 

Clumping clays are pure clays that clump because of the bentonite clay in them. Also, clumping clays are not flammable and will rather extinguish a fire. Hence, Arm and Hammer kitty little is non-flammable.

What About Fresh Step Kitty Litter?

Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable
Is Kitty Cat Litter Flammable

Fresh Step kitty litter is a synthetic litter that majorly comprises silica crystals made out of silica gel. Silica gel is a non-reactive substance prepared through a series of chemical reactions.

Owing to silica gel’s non-reactive nature, its crystals are more stable and will not catch blaze readily. Thus, fresh step kitty litter made from silica crystals is non-flammable.

Final Recommendations.

Just like mothballs, some kitty litters are flammable (biodegradable litters) while some are non-flammable (silica crystal litters). In this guide, we’ve featured everything you need to know about kitty litters, including their flammability nature.

Lastly, are you aware that kitty litters help to kick against grease fires? Well, yes, they do! Adding some kitty litters to the bottom of your grill can help avert a fire outbreak.

Visit here to explore more uses of kitty litters.

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