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Bad Time Simulator is an intense and challenging fan-made game inspired by the popular indie game Undertale. In this game, you face off against the notorious Sans character in a series of intense boss battles.

More Details of Bad Time Simulator

The objective of Bad Time Simulator is to survive Sans’ relentless attacks by dodging his barrage of projectiles. The gameplay mechanics require quick reflexes and precise movements as you navigate through a bullet hell of fast-moving obstacles.

As you progress through the game, the difficulty increases, with Sans becoming more aggressive and his attacks becoming more complex. It’s a true test of skill and perseverance, as you’ll need to learn and adapt to his attack patterns to have a chance at victory.

The game features pixel art graphics reminiscent of Undertale, capturing the essence of the original game. The soundtrack adds to the intense atmosphere, immersing you in the battle against Sans.

Bad Time Simulator offers multiple modes, allowing you to customize the experience. You can adjust the difficulty level, choose different attack patterns, or even face off against other challenging bosses from Undertale. This adds replayability and variety to the gameplay, catering to different skill levels and preferences.

The game provides a leaderboard system that allows you to compare your scores and completion times with other players. Compete for the top spot and prove your skills as you strive for the best performance in the boss battles.

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It’s worth noting that Bad Time Simulator is a fan-made game and not an official release. It serves as a tribute to the original Undertale and offers fans an opportunity to challenge themselves against the formidable Sans character.

If you’re a fan of Undertale and enjoy challenging boss battles, Bad Time Simulator provides a thrilling and intense experience. It’s a game that will put your reflexes and determination to the test as you face off against Sans in an epic showdown.


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